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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sanguine:an Extrovert Personality and Temperament

Sparky Sanguine is the warm, buoyant, lively, and fun loving temperament. He is receptive by nature, and external impressions easily find their way to his heart, where they readily cause outburst of response. Feelings rather than reflective thoughts predominate to form his decisions.
Sparky Sanguine has an unusual capacity to enjoy himself and usually passes on his hearty outgoing nature. When he comes into a room of people, he has a tendency to lift the spirits of everyone
present by his exuberant flow of conversation. He is a thrilling storyteller because his warm, emotional nature almost makes him relive the experience in the very telling of it.
Sparky Sanguine never lacks for friends. He can genuinely feel the joys and sorrows of the person he meets and has the capacity to make the person feel important, as though the new acquaintance were a very special friend, which he or she is- until Sparky meets the next person, who then receives the same attention.
Without any malice, Sparky might forget his resolutions, appointments, and obligations. He’s on to the next exciting adventure, which makes him seen unstable.
Sparky does not like solitude but enjoys people and is at his best surrounded by friends, where is the life of the party. He has an endless repertoire of interesting stories that he tells dramatically, making a favourite with children as well as adults and usually gaining him admission at the best parties or social gatherings.
The sanguine is never at loss for words, though he often speaks without thinking. His open sincerity, however, has a disarming effect on many of his listeners, causing them to respond to his mood. His free-wheeling, seemingly exciting, extrovert’s way of life makes him the envy of more timid temperament types.
            Temperament affects basic habits of living-the way we drive, keep the yard, and eat, for example. Driving habits of Sanguines?  In a word, erratic. Sometimes they speed, then for no apparent reason they lose interest in driving fast- and slow down. Riding in the backseat of a Sanguine’s car can be downright dangerous. They are so people oriented that they want to look you-the passenger-in the face while driving. Being super talkers, they spend very little time watching where they are going.
            As for yard care, Sparky Sanguine gets up early Saturday morning to fix his yard. With great gusto he lines up all his tools(he has every gadget known to man because he totally lack sales resistance) and prepares to cut, trim, shear, and prune. But within thirty minutes his wife can’t hear a sound outside. Looking down the street, she sees him chatting with a neighbour. Before the day is over, he orders his son to “put my tools away” and decided to fix the yard next week. Sparky is clearly one the world’s procrastinators.
            Eating habits? Sanguines eat everything in sight-and usually look it. Incidentally, in restaurants they almost never look at the menu until the waitress arrives; they’ve been enjoying the conversation too much.
            Balancing a checkbook? Sanguine can rarely find theirs and don’t always remember to write amounts in the right place or balance the accounts.
Career Bests
            They usually make excellent salespeople and more than other groups seem attracted to that profession. You have doubtless heard this cliché: “He could sell refrigerators to the Eskimos.” That’s Sparky. If you ever want to watch Mr. Sanguine in action, just visit your local used-car dealer. About two-third of his salesreps seem to be Sanguines.
            In addition to being good at sales, Sanguines makes excellent actors, entertainers, and preachers. They are outstanding master of ceremonies, auctioneers, and sometimes leaders (if properly blended with another temperament).
            In the area of helping people, Sanguines excel as hospital workers. Most sick people respond to Nurse Sanguine’s “How are you today?” by saying, “Fine,” while Nurse Melancholy asking the same question would probably receive the self-pitying lament, “Miserable.” You may be on the verge of death, as white as the sheet you are laying on when Dr. Sanguine bubbles into your room; but before the doctor leaves, your spirits will be lifted. This doctor’s obvious compassion in response to your tale of woe will almost make paying his exorbitant bill easy. (Sanguines are never moderate about anything.) Their chief contribution to life lies in making other people happy.



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