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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phlegmatic: Temperament and Personality

Flip Phlegmatic gets his name from what Hippocrates thought was the body fluid that produced a calm, cool, slow, easygoing, well-balanced temperament. Life for Flip is a happy, unexcited, pleasant experience in which he avoids as much involvement as possible.
Calm easygoing Flip Phlegmatic never seems to get ruffled, no matter what the circumstances. He has a very high boiling point and seldom explodes in anger or laughter but keeps his emotion under control. This is the one temperament type that is consistent every time you see this person. You see, Flip Phlegmatic is usually kindhearted and sympathetic but seldom conveys his true feelings. He feels much more emotion than appears on the surface and has a good capacity to appreciate the fine arts and the "finer things" of life.

Phlegmatic do not lack for friends because they enjoy people and have naturally dry sense of humor that others enjoy. These people can have crowd "in stitches" and never crack a smile. They have the unique capability of seeing something humorous in others and the things they do. They have a retentive mind and are often quite capable of being good imitators. One of their great sources of delight is "needling" or poking fun at the other temperament types. They are annoyed by-and often confront-the aimless, restless enthusiasm of the Sanguine. They are disgusted by-and prone to ridicule-the gloomy moods of the Melancholy. They take great delight in throwing ice water on the bubbling plans and ambitions of the Choleric.

Phlegmatic tend to be expectator in life, and they try not to get to involved with the activities of others. In fact, it is difficult for them to be motivated to move beyond their daily routine. This does not mean they can not appreciate for action and the difficulties of others. A Phlegmatic and a Choleric may see the same social injustice, but the two will have entirely different responses. The crusading spirit of the Choleric will cause him to say, "Let's get a committee organized and campaign to do something about this!" The Phlegmatic would be more likely to respond. "This condition are terrible! Why doesn't someone do something about this?"
But beneath the cool, reticent, almost timid Phlegmatic is a very capable combination of abilities. When once aroused to action, he proves to be a most competent and efficient person. Phlegmatic tend not to take leadership on their own, but when it is thrust upon them, they can be good leaders.
The world has benefited greatly from the gracious nature of Phlegmatic. They have a conciliating effect on others and are natural peacemakers. in their quiet way, they have proven to be fulfiller of the dream of others. They are masters at anything that requires meticulous patience and daily routine.

Habits of Temperament
Phlegmatic is the slowest driver of all. The last one to leave an intersection, he rarely changes lanes, and is an indecisive danger when joining the flow of freeway traffic from an entrance ramp. He gets few tickets and rarely has accidents-but he can a road hazard.
The Phlegmatic's lawn usually suggest that its owner is still in the house late Saturday morning, sipping his third cup of coffee- because he is. Capable of superior lawn care.
Phlegmatic are the most deliberate eaters of all and are invariably the last ones finished. That is the main reason they rarely gain weight. Weight specialist advise obese patients to eat slowly, for it takes twenty minutes for food passing into the mouth to shut off hunger pangs.
Again, the checkbook: Phlegmatic are accurate bookers, keep excellent records, and are able to balance to the penny.

Career Bests
Phlegmatic seem drawn to the field of education. Most elementary school teachers are Phlegmatic. Another fields that appeals to Phlegmatic is Engineering,  attracted to planning and calculation, they make good structural engineers, sanitary experts, chemical engineers, and statisticians.


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